Monday, August 11, 2008

Kelong Acheh @ Mersing (09-10 August 2008)

We started off at 4.30am, getting ready, take our morning kopi, tea, and set off toward the Causeway. The causeway was abit jammed, so the guys had a good "swearing time" in the car, to past time to get to Mersing. Takes 3 hours to travel! And thank God we have Neil around, who doesn't mind driving 3 hrs non-stop.

Our destination is Kelong Acheh, one of the four Kelongs in Mersing (i heard its 4..correct me if i'm wrong. We may be the fifth in future. hhaAHa~~*) The kelong stay is only 150RM, plus minus, i only spent about 200RM for the whole trip! afforadable and nice~

We had Breakfast at a chinese food centre at Mersing, then set off towards Pemboyang, near the jetty location. We thought from Mersing town itself to the jetty is quite near, but it actually took us another 20-30 mins!! Check out the photos below... :)

You know what this photo signifies??

Something is coming.....

Cows....and very skinny ones (unlike New Zealand and Australia)..poor thing.. And we're doing our best to avoid their piles of shit on the road..

The Bridge towards "Jetty @ Mersing" And yah! That's my dear Anthony!

Mitch, typing away while i clicked my handphone camera..~ This photo is sceneric and peaceful...

That's Neil, and he's emo-position. hahAAHa~ i feel like getting a SLR camera!!! damn the scenery is nice! And Neil brought his camera, WITHOUT his SDcard!! That's why he's feeling emo... ahhaAAHa~~*

Anthony. :) I thought he brought a sunglass, but i forgot its his transition lense. Wow~ He really put it to good use this time. :D

Schools of fishes that we caught most of the time..too nasi lemak fish. So we didn't keep it...

That's the Kelong worker, fishing out the pile of small fishes, called taman. There's a type of hooks, called taman hooks, that are used to catch them, and use them to be baits for BIG fishes.

They get attracted easily to the taman hooks, by the shiny looks of it and without any baits. That's why the guys calls them, stupid fish.

That guy is fishing them out, so people on the kelong can use them to be live baits.

The live sad..most of them get dried up when no one comes to take them....hope they got a better next life.
That's our room, with a high security door. Needs alot of strength to slid them open, and very noisy when anyone tries to do that. haaAHah!~~

Anthony, slacking outside of our room to take cover from the blasting sun. Hot afternoon, and the guys are sunburnt.

He's actually trying to fish through that small hole outside our room!! Big enough for small fishes to go in. hahaHA~*

Lunch! Not that fried squid, vege, seasame seed oil chicken and potatoes, soup and tomato sauce fish. i'm starting to take seafood already (so that i dun feel weird while having meals with close friends), but i'm not ready to take white or red meat at all. And i dun think i want to take them either. I compromised on taking seafood and meat soup already, huge compromise to make, and i'll just stop there...So pls dun ever try to make me eat meat non other than seafood again.
Nice photo, with no one guarding the rods. No BIG catches are spotted by anyone. We are considering getting a boat rented next time :) Its only 700RM for 2 days! If split by 4-6 persons, its only about 120 -175 per pax! We can bring our own food, and sail out to the sea! nice!
Beautiful~ That's during the sunset. About 6.30pm.

Ant asked me to jio a few friends, like Cynthia or whoever wants to experience fishing, so that next time i wouldn't feel bored also. He wants "guy time only" as well. hahaHA~ actually i'm quite ok on my own, he just worries abit too much. hahaAaH~*
Another one! Lovely~ SLR camera will be better!

This is our room. Alot of space, as it accomadates a big group.

In the Kelong, the groups stays together in a room, because the place in NOT a hotel. Can roughly accomadate not more than 10-15 groups.
Also, there's no electricity before 6.30pm, as they need to turn on the electric generator to have electricity. We expected worst, so this is quite ok for us already. Kelong experience is quite good after all! :D
When i was young, I used to build small rooms using furnitures and imagined myself having a small hut something like this..a small room, with windows. That's all. Wow! My dream came true!
Photo taken over dinner!

That's morning already. 8.30am and we continued after a night of turbulent waters with no signs of fishes ard. The strong currents and wind makes it difficult for both man to fish and fishes to swim also. hahaHAahA~~*

That's Neil, with his windbreaker. He came prepared...

The guys spotted a sea worm inside their squid bait! And looking at it crawl and drop back into the sea...

The guys photo, and Mitch just wants to get back to his fishing. No time left!!! Gonna go off in half hour time!

That's Mitch Soloman.

Turbulent waters with angry looking clouds coming..

The sky is so BIG, i can actually still catch sight of the OTHER side with better weather! nice sunshine! :)

That's me! Finally i get to take my own photo!! :D

Planning to go Kelong every 2 months! Perhaps another trip in late august too! For Aunt Cynthia and Uncle Johnny's silver wedding anniversary. :D More exciting experience awaits..!!